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Posted by Denise Nachtigal on Sep 8th 2020

I've never taken so many pictures in my life

Whew! It's been busy up in here. I said I was going to get things into the online store, and that's what I did.  Granted, it's not everything in the store because there are only so many hours in …

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Posted by Denise Nachtigal on Sep 4th 2020

Where's the Stuff?

I know...I know.  I hear you out there..."That's a super cute shirt, why can't I buy it online?""I hear that coffee is great! Can I buy it online?""OMG that outfit Stacey wore was abso-flipping-a …

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Aug 28th 2020

Wednesday Live Recap

So, if you missed our live show last night, here's a recap! For the week 8/26/2020 - 9/03/2020 if you donate any 2 of the following items that the Platte food pantry needs, you'll get 20% off you …

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Posted by Denise Nachtigal on Aug 14th 2020

Our Website is Under Construction!

Sincerely Grace's website is currently under a bit of construction so we just want to apologize in advance for any strange things you might see, such as broken links, the logo changing at frequent and …

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