Posted by Denise Nachtigal on Sep 8th 2020

I've never taken so many pictures in my life

Whew! It's been busy up in here. I said I was going to get things into the online store, and that's what I did.  Granted, it's not everything in the store because there are only so many hours in the day, and there are a LOT of things in the store, but, for the most part, I got as much of the big things, and things that we've featured recently, available for purchase online now. This means that, YES! if you've seen it recently on one of our live shows, or in our social media streams, you can prooooobably buy it online, and of course, pick it up in the store when you can. If you can't find it online...well...drop us a note somewhere and I'll do my best to make it happen.  

So, one of the fun things about this job, is finding out new stuff.  

For instance, I was taking pictures today and grabbed these cute polka dot pants, and went to the the pictures and suddenly.....


Now, I'm a girl who really likes variety.  I mean, growing up, I was allllll about buffets because it meant I didn't have to choose if I wanted beef, or chicken or pasta because at a buffet, I could get all of that, plus 12 different kinds of desserts, so it was win/win all around.  

Of course, now that I'm older and everyone has pointed out that buffet's are probably not the most sanitary of places, I rarely frequent them anymore, so....yea....that's a bit of downer.

HOWEVER, I still love variety, and the more choices I can get for my buck, the better. So yea, when I saw these, I was pretty excited.  They felt super comfy too, and I would have tried them on, but I was a woman on a mission today, and I pulled the "I'm a grown-up with responsibilities" card and got back to work. 

At some point though, I'm gonna try those suckers on.