Aug 28th 2020

Wednesday Live Recap

So, if you missed our live show last night, here's a recap! 

For the week 8/26/2020 - 9/03/2020 if you donate any 2 of the following items that the Platte food pantry needs, you'll get 20% off your entire purchase! 

The items you can donate are: 

  • paper towels
  • toilet tissue
  • laundry soap
  • dish soap 
  • pasta
  • pasta sauce (any kind)
  • cereal
  • soda crackers 
  • any other kind of crackers

Note that this offer DOES EXCLUDE items from our 50% off racks, which, on a side note, you should also definitely check out because there are some crazy amazing deals on those racks as well. 

Also new in the store, are some fantastic and very stylish face masks. In fact, just today, we got some new ones in that are just so fun in an awesome camo style, and a black with bling style! We even have some for the little ones if you need those as well.  All masks are priced at $6.50. 



                                                   The outfits featured on our live session:



                                                                        Dixie tunic $43.95 small-2xl

                                                                         Tribal denim jacket $79.95


                                                                        Ruth Vest $49.95 small-2xl  

                              Shown over a mock neck (also available in maroon, purple, white, black, and red)

                                                                      Slimation Ankle Pants $74.00

                                                                                   Tagua Earrings


                                                                       Delia tunic $43.95 small-2xl

                                                                                Tagua earrings

                                                                        Happy Camper necklace

As always, feel free to stop in any time for style advice, color matching, or any of your fashion needs! We just got a whole lot of new coffees and teas as well, and we always have a pot brewing for your to try!