Posted by Denise Nachtigal on Sep 4th 2020

Where's the Stuff?

I know...I know.  I hear you out there...

"That's a super cute shirt, why can't I buy it online?"

"I hear that coffee is great! Can I buy it online?"

"OMG that outfit Stacey wore was abso-flipping-adorable! I don't know when I'll get to the store though!"

"Didn't Stacey just hire someone to take care of her website?  Is this tech person slacking on the job or what?!"

I assure you, I'm here, and I am busting tail to get things going! :)  I'm suuuuuuuper excited about adding stock to the website, but first there were some things that had to be done in the background, and a few things I had to learn myself, in order to make everything as efficient and functioning as possible. Now that I have most things solidified in my brain, starting tomorrow, I hope to start throwing all sorts of new merchandise into the digital realm! Trust me, I'm just as eager to get the website at full capacity, as you are about...well about buying coffee! 

I mean, seriously, I'm still just in awe about how fast that coffee sold! You all are just wonderful and amazing people. 

Anyway, I just wanted to throw out a quick update and explanation and apologize for the delay. The wheels are moving though, and we'll be full steam ahead soon enough.  

Until then, take care and stay well!!